Adderclaw is a part of Project Characters and has been graded as historical

Current StarClan
Past ShadeClan
Age Approx. 73 moons (6.08 years) at death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Internal hemorrhaging
Debut ShadeClan's Revolution
Last Post Before the Unnamed Era
Father Unknown tom
Mother Unknown she-cat
Sibling Owlfur
Mate None
Kits None
Apprentice Spiderstar
Deputy Position
Predecessor Owlfur
Successor Loachpelt
Owner Max

Adderclaw was a brown tabby and white tom with green eyes. He was a deputy of ShadeClan, having served under Nightstar's reign. The tom succeed his sister, Owlfur, of the position, and then he himself was succeeded by Loachpelt, following his passing.

He was, as previously stated, the brother of Owlfur. However, many remember him for his role in mentoring Spiderstar, and how he managed to turn her from a whiny brat into a respectable cat.



Adderclaw is a muscular tom that was quite stocky. He was a little on the heavier side, however, most of his bulk was muscle and just sheer size. The tom has a short coat, which appears the longest around his neck and tail regions. But it isn't all that impressive. His muscles don't ripple underneath his pelt, but he still is muscular underneath all that fur. He is also tall, but not the tallest cat known. Instead, he is likely to be more muscle than anything and has a ragged, survivor like appearance to him.
The tom has a dark brown tabby pelt. He has thick, classic tabby markings that adorn his body. With a thick bulls-eye like pattern on his side. His pelt is a warm brown that is very dark, while his stripes are black in colouration. On his underside and around his eyes is a lighter colour. A cream colour if you will that is standard with most tabbies. He also had white markings on his chest and paws. The tom has green eyes that are a deep rich colour. They seem to hide his true intentions and are often dark with thought. But they have been shown to match up to their warm colour. Adderclaw had tufted ears, his right ear was torn from the tip almost all the way down. By the end of his time, the tom had quite a few cuts and scrapes from his fights including some pretty deep ones on his shoulders and neck.


Adderclaw was a very easy going cat with a very 'dad' sense of humour so to speak. He was the type of cat to make jokes that were StarClan-awful but they still made his Clanmates laugh. The tom would've made an excellent father despite never having a family to call his own. He often doted on his apprentice, Spiderstar, as the pair of them shared a very close father-daughter bond throughout their time together. He was a very humorous cat who would try and make anyone laugh as he hated the sterotype that his Clan were dark and 'evil' cats. Adderclaw certainly proved many wrong at Gatherings that's for sure.
While many remember him more for his lovable nature, Adderclaw was also quite a fighter at his core. This was a trait that his apprentice would grow to admire. For Adderclaw was a strong warrior in his younger years, and he'd fought for his Clan proudly on many occasions. One could see why he'd be idolized. He became that picturesque example of what a ShadeClan warrior should be. While he didn't always enjoy being that 'poster boy' for his Clan, it made him happy that the younger generations would look up to him. Adderclaw's loyalty to ShadeClan would ultimately be his death, and he was proud in his final moments to know that he had served his Clan until his end.


In his heyday, Adderclaw was definitely known for his skills in the field of battle. His larger build, a desire sought after by most ShadeClan cats, put him ahead of his peers, and his mentor decided that he would train the tom in the art of fighting above anything else. Due to this, he also bulked up and became one of those 'Warriors of Legends' some speak of in nursery tales. Adderclaw did eventually learn other skills, but, in comparison to his comprehension of fighting, he isn't all that good.



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Owlfur: Deceased; StarClan resident


Sparrownose: Living


Thistlefur: Living




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