Half-Moon Gatherings will happen once a month. Below are the times at which these gatherings will take. To allow the required roleplayers to be able to post, the event is a week long. This is to allow people who are away, or unable to have access to post later on and not miss the event. They will always be held the second last full week of the month to avoid clashing with the Gathering times for the respective months.

Gathering Times

January 17th - 24th

February 14th - 21st

March 13th - 20th

April 17th - 24th

May 15th - 22nd

June 12th - 19th

July 17th - 24th

August 14th - 21st

September 11th - 18th

October 16th - 23rd

November 13th - 20th

December 18th - 25th

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