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Current NightClan
Warrior Magpienose
Age Approx. 37 moons (3.08 years)
Status Living
Debut NightClan Archive I
Father Dustnose
Mother Sedgeheart, Fallowfang (foster)
Siblings None
Mate Reedclaw
Kits None
Owner Max

Magpienose is a black and white she-cat with green eyes. She is a warrior of NightClan alongside her beloved partner, Reedclaw, and her brother-in-law, Oakheart. She is also the only daughter and child of Dustnose and Sedgeheart, both of whom are deceased. Magpienose was also fostered at times by Fallowfang.

The she-cat is described as a rather quirky cat with quite the sense of humour, but, by StarClan could she kick your butt in a few seconds flat if you rub her the wrong way.



Magpienose is you average sized she-cat that packs a little bit of extra muscle. She's led a life of tough training and exercise to maintain such a body type. The she-cat considers herself one of the toms somedays due to her mannerisms, but, more on that later. She has a short, dense coat that has over the years collected some scars. Nothing too serious though, only small nicks and cuts here and there over her pelt. Most of them have faded and quickly healed so yeah, nothing too serious. Magpienose carries herself with a certain sway that sort of says she could take anything on and look, she probably could if she put her mind to it.
Now, she has a solid black pelt. Don't mention it to her, but, there are a few grey specks here and there but, they might just be a part of her white markings. The she-cat has white markings on her chin, a little bit on her chest, on her front paws, and on her lower back legs. Magpienose long white whiskers that stand out against her coat and her ears stand tall. She has one noticeable nick in her left ear from a fight way back. Now, the most present feature on this she-cat is her eyes. Magpienose has stunning pale green eyes which appear to share a shade of colour with summer grass found on the territory. Her eyes also have some flecks of yellow in there as if its a field of grass with sunlight shining on it.


draft; despite not being raised by her own parents, she has a lot of character traits that remind some folk of them. first of all, magpie is super down to earth and has a 'yeah whatever' sort of attitude toward some problems. she's also incredibly loyal to her family and those she considers family so yeah that gives her an edge. that edge is that she doesn't take shit from anybody - not even her family. magpie has grown up with a very male-dominated companion circle so she is sorta one of the boys and has quite a lot of masculine tendencies. so really, in short, she's a great cat to be around but make one wrong phrase or something and she'll whoop your ass in ten seconds flat.
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Magpienose is commended for her tracking abilities. She has quite the 'nose' as some might say, hence her suffix, -nose. Even though she's got a keen sense of smell, which in the past has gotten herself out of some tough situations, her other senses are also said to be just as keen. Out of her and her 'family', she is the best tracker and not to toot her own horn or anything, but she believes she makes quite a good hunter too. Magpienose is also quite comfortable around almost anyone, save for tom's who give her the look. This comes from her skill with body language, she can read cats quite well and discern their mood often by looking at the way they walk or by the way they talk.



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Reedclaw: Living


Dustnose: Deceased; StarClan resident


Sedgeheart: Deceased; StarClan resident



Dustnose & Sedgeheart

Magpienose doesn't remember a whole lot about her parents. Well, really she doesn't even know them. She has very vague memories of her mother and maybe a cat that was her father and that is it. From what she is told though, the she-cat thinks that they would've been amazing parents. Magpienose prays that they rest easy knowing that she has essentially thrived and is living life to the fullest. As morbid as it sounds, she does hope that when she dies they are there to welcome her so that she can finally meet them and create a bond.


Now, they aren't family by blood, but, that's not always how family works. Fallowfang raised Magpienose as if she was one of her own, and the younger she-cat thanks her so much every day for the chances she was given. Magpienose holds a lot of respect for her foster-mother turned mother-in-law, for she always thought that Fallowfang was a strong cat with a whole lot of love to give. Magpienose never felt less loved than Fallowfang's own children, she felt as though the tabby she-cat was her mother. Much like her mate, she hopes to honour the sadly deceased queen by naming her first-born daughter after her.

Love Interests


Okay, so these two were essentially childhood sweethearts. They were raised close and had of life been normal for Magpienose, she and Reedclaw would've been best friends for forever. However, it became hard after her parent's passing as she was raised by Reedclaw's mother and many have criticised the couple later in life saying 'you guys were raised like brother and sister'. But, truth be told they weren't raised like that (look more at Magpienose's friendship with Oakheart for that relationship). But, yes these two have known each other since they were really young and have always been close.
They were a rather close duo of kittens. Often raising hell for the NightClan nursery and making quite a pawful for Fallowfang. But, they were kids having fun and despite some punishments every so often, the two were unstoppable. Magpienose always kept up with him and same for him. As they became apprentices, it was a little harder to spend time together unless they dragged their mentors out together. Still just as painful as they were as kits, only now they had new names. It was around this time that Magpienose realised that she felt a new way about her friend - she loved him. While yes, she loved him for all of his funny and great qualities but this was a different love for her. But, being an insecure prepubescent individual made her hide her feelings and continue on as normal. Because, be honest, who would admit to their best friend in the whole world, that 'oh hey I have a crush on you'. No one, especially not Magpienose.
Now, as they continued to grow up life through all sorts of hurdles at them. Fallowfang mysteriously disappeared and was assumed deceased. This brought the two quite close, and then throw in some stuff about Reedclaw's father which just pushed them, and Oakheart, even closer. But, they were adults now, Reedclaw and Magpienose, and it was all different. They weren't just two kids having the time of their lives anymore, they were serious providers for the Clan and were pretty much hellbent on protecting the family they had left. It was then that Magpienose confessed her feelings to Reedclaw, expecting rejection. But, she was greeted with such a warm embraced that everything felt better. Since then, the two have been together and thriving in their official title of 'mates'. Magpienose adores so much about her partner and simply couldn't put it into words how much he means to her and to what extent she would go to to protect the life they've made together.



Magpienose and Oakheart have always been the best of friends despite the slight age difference (but, that never worried them). They connected on a different level when compared to the she-cat's relationship with his brother. These two were and still are considered the dorky duo. Their interests were more inclined with their Clan's history rather than its triumphs (something that another cat was more interested). To quote Reedclaw these two are "absolute geeks" and yes, they often agree with his joke.
She and Oakheart also have that sort of sister and brother bond between them, much more so than she and his brother ever did. They can joke about, poke fun at each other and even talk smack about their Clanmates together. But, what defines most of their relationship is their family bond. The two were raised almost like siblings but, they've always thought of each other as brother and sister. Hell, she's even considered the 'third musketeer' between them. But she and Oakheart just act like brother and sister a whole heap. These two are pretty much thick as thieves and only something terrible would break their bond.


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  • Magpienose is the Warriors!AU version of Max's Supernatural OC - Max Hemingway.
  • Her and Reedclaw's song is Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley.


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