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Current NightClan
Warrior Reedclaw
Age Approx. 39 moons (3.25 years)
Status Living
Debut NightClan Archive I
Father Cypressclaw
Mother Fallowfang
Sibling Oakheart
Mate Magpienose
Kits None
Owner Max

Reedclaw is a golden-brown tabby tom with green eyes. He is a warrior of NightClan alongside his beloved partner, Magpienose, and his brother, Oakheart. He is also the eldest son of Cypressclaw and Fallowfang, both of whom are deceased.

The tom is considered quite immature at times and enjoys making the odd wise-crack, but, in all seriousness, he is a very protective cat and will die for those he loves without a second thought.



Reedclaw is maybe a couple centimetres taller than your average tom, but, it ain't that noticeable until closer inspection. He does, however, have quite defined muscles. He is a cat that can dedicate days to keeping himself fighting fit but, also have a few lazy days here and there too. The tom, much like his two close companions, has his own fair share of scars. He's got some pretty deep ones on his forearms while every other place has faded and healed scars that aren't too major or noteworthy.
The tom has quite a beautiful coat colour. Yes, it's technically brown but it has such warm, golden hues in it that really make it stand out against other brown tabbies. Reedclaw has a short, thick coat of fur too. But yes, his golden fur is his most notable feature along with the 'blue steel' look that he says he has. Apparently, his golden fur is something his mother used to be loved for too and that his 'blue steel' is something his father had too. He has tall standing ears, which are surprisingly nick free. The tom also has some of the most stunning eyes to look at. They are a rich apple-green so to say and they a whirl of emotion. He tends to have a distant look in them, but, whenever he's around those he cares about they light up with an array of feelings.


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Now, Reedclaw is definitely a headstrong fighter. He thinks he's tougher than everyone else, and yeah, he might be right sometimes but, not always. Don't get him wrong, the tom has quite a skillset to him. He has been training for years and trying to perfect everything he has been taught or shown - in some cases, he has picked up the Clan's special techniques. Reedclaw is quite a muscular fellow and it really shows his dedication to his skills. Hell, even is suffix makes a point of what he's good at. The tom doesn't have many problems in his fights, but, every so often he meets his match and takes a good beating.



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Magpienose: Living


Cypressclaw: Deceased; StarClan resident


Fallowfang: Deceased; StarClan resident


Oakheart: Living


Love Interests


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Cypressclaw & Fallowfang

Reedclaw knew the two cats better than his brother did, due to being the older sibling of course. Now, he loves both of them and has a lot to thank them for but, it doesn't mean he had an easy childhood. No, not at all. His father was rather distant for most of it, there was obviously something going on that young Reedclaw couldn't understand at the time and he happened to be there for a few fights. Reedclaw had and still does respect his father for he was an excellent fighter and inspired much of what Reedclaw does nowadays. But, the older tom was a tough old cat who grew up with his own hardships to deal with. These reflected a lot in how he treated his son and his general behaviour at times.
Reedclaw's mother is another story. He is a big mommy's boy and he misses her dearly. She was there for his childhood, and parts of Oakheart's, but the she-cat had a whole lot to do with how Reedclaw turned out. The tom wouldn't have his compassionate side at all if his mother had nothing to do with him. She had so much love to give that she even took in an orphaned kitten when none of the other queens would. The tom has a whole heap of respect for his mother and hopes that she rests easy knowing that her boys are all grown up and living a happy life. Hell, Reedclaw hopes she knows that he and Magpienose are together and are hoping to name their first daughter after her.


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  • While he was raised quite close with Magpienose, Reedclaw has never considered her as a sister like his brother does.


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