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Sagewhisker is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current NightClan
Age Approx. 21 moons
Status Living
Debut NightClan/Roleplay/Archive 1
Apprentice Bravepaw
Owner Kas
 Sagewhisker is a beautiful, slender, sleek white she-cat with short, slim, glossy fur and olive green eyes. She is currently a warrior in NightClan, being mentor to Bravepaw.



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Sagewhisker is very unequivocal, and will always go with her opinion and stay with it. She isn't one to agree with others easily, either. She usually thinks before she acts or speaks, and doesn't make room for drama or mistakes in her life. She pushes herself towards her goals, and is often seen doing more than she is actually told to do. She is very smart, and is calm in most situations that have rather upsetting, commotional, or crisis like setbacks. She is very wise, which she gets mostly from her mother. Like her father, she has a very bright spirit, and doesn't let anything bring her down.
She isn't very fond of annoying cats, and does her best to keep her reach away from them. She is very optimistic, cheery, and always brings others hopes up. When it comes to speaking to others, she used to be very shy, but opened herself up to more activity in order to help her be more of a social cat. She likes to engage in a friendly coversation, and will usually walk away if beginning to get angered or annoyed. She is very truthful, and if she has done wrong, she will admit to her doings and eventually revoke herself of doing that certain thing again.
She does act hostile against any Loners & Rogues, other Clan cats, and Tribes as well. She does have a soft side to her, and some cats even give her the reputation of being to "soft" on other cats. She isn't one to usually hold grudges, and willingly accepts an apology. She is very compassionate, forgiving, and dedicated to defending her Clan, and would give her life up anyday. Though some cats may not know it, she does tend to worry about the future. Having a strong sense of right and wrong, she knows when to speak up or keep quiet. She is very easy to befriend, and holds onto that friendship, always working hard to keep it going. Sagewhisker is a strong-willed she cat, who is very trusting, and will always have your back, no matter what you have landed yourself in.
She is kind-hearted and welcoming to anyone whom is a Kittypet, knowing that they are just confused and want a little adventure, but isn't afraid to show her hostility towards a rival Clan. Despite how hostile she is to outsiders, Sagewhisker despises battles and will do anything to avoid them, but when duty calls she's a formidable opponent; never falling, always moving. She is extremely affectionate and protective, laying her life on the line for any Clanmate without hesitation.
Sagewhisker, when a death in the Clan occurs, is strangely distant and tends to keep away from everyone until the shock subsides. She also goes into a state of random depression, but that doesn't last for too long. If you earn her friendship and loyalty, Sagewhisker will be one of the best friends you could ever ask for. She has a bright smile and a fun loving attitude, always introducing herself to newcomers in the Clan. Usually, Sagewhisker is a total sweetheart, and is always talking to everyone and just loves having conversations with other cats. Yet there are times when she just wants to be left alone, and would rather not engage in any coversation.
If angered, she usually tries not to take it out on other cats, which rarely ever occurs, and will often just be silent and not do anything until her anger has died down. As an apprentice, she always teased her Clanmates, but never actually meant anything she said. In other words, she playfully teases them. She is also a major pacifist when it comes to fighting.  
Popularity isn't something that she really seems to ever care about. This she-cat just focuses on what's best for her and her Clan. She doesn't really care about what others think about her either, and just simply states that if the don't like her for who she is, then they don't have to be in her life. Overall, Sagewhisker is a very peaceful, calm, relaxed cat, but when she gets stressed out or depressed it's a nightmare. 


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Kithood and Adolescence

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Sagewhisker is first seen in the NightClan camp outside of the Warrior's den, contemplating to herself who NightClan's new leader could possibly be. Seconds later, she overhears Rockstorm, Bravepaw, and Yellowleaf discussing about how Ravenheart will be the next leader. She notices that Bravepaw is also concerned about the matter of what was going to happen, and assures her that everything will be fine. Stating that there was nothing to worry about, and that Ravenheart was chosen by StarClan to become their next leader, she moves on from her own thoughts as Bravepaw asks to go out on a hunt. Sagewhisker agrees, and Bravepaw runs off ahead of her moments later. After awhile of catching up with the apprentice, she scolds her, warning her not to run off without any knowledge of where she was going.
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Love Interests

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  • She will eventually become a medicine cat in the near future, but die a few days after she begins her training. 

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