It had been almost a full moon since the death of ShadeClan's founder, Sirius, the oldest and longest surviving of them all. He had chosen his own daughter to succeed him, Dawnstar had graciously accepted. ShadeClan seemed to be the only Clan not falling apart from a leader's death. Everyone had suspected Sirius to die sooner, however, he outlived all of those inquiries of his death. Eventually dying from old age in his sleep.

Dawnstar closed her eyes as she thought of how peaceful her father looked in his nest, her mother had passed shortly after that. From either grief or old age as well. Now the pretty tortoiseshell had chosen her own deputy and the two worked peacefully together. Not long ago, Pebblesplash had come to her a little shocked after receiving an omen about NightClan.

"Dawnstar," the white-flecked deputy greeted the pretty leader. "I've set up all patrols," she told the leader. Dawnstar nodded. "Thank you, Asterpelt." She told the deputy softly. I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 16:31, April 6, 2017 (UTC)

Willowpaw padded out of the apprentices' den, squinting at the light outside before letting out a great yawn. Turtlepaw followed her closely, looking like her usual skittish self. ~Patchfeather~ 23:47, April 6, 2017 (UTC)

Pebblesplash shoved her way into camp, silent as per usual. The gray and white tabby medicine cat hadn't been to big of a fan on NightClan's new leader, Dawnstar had been the same way. How could a warrior so young become leader? She had no relations to Lyra in any way so why her? I solemnly swearthat I am up to no good 14:34, April 10, 2017 (UTC)

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