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Smokestar is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Current MoonClan
Past NightClan
Senior Warrior:
Age Approx. 56 moons
Status Living
Debut MoonClan/Roleplay/Archive 1
Leader Position
Predecessor Vega
Deputy Position
Predecessor Ives
Successor Snowfur
Owner Kas
Smokestar is a large black and white tom with amber eyes. He is the current leader of MoonClan, most of his family currently being deceased or unknown. Smokestar is a fairly healthy tom for his age, and demands respect from all cats of his Clan. Smokestar is a very peaceful cat, and will resort to words rather than tooth and claw right away. He is a leader, definetely not a follower. Although he demands respect, he won't go around hating on other's if they don't like how he runs things.

He is a very handsome tom, watching almost ever she-cat moon over him. If someone insults him, he ignores it and just plainly shrugs it off. This tom has a high tolerence level, but won't lash out at someone if he's upset or disagrees with someone else's doing. He is highly respected by his Clanmates, and likes to think that it will always stay that way. Though this tom seems a bit to trustworthy for his own good, but knows when someone is tricking him or lying to him. He is actually quite stoic, and doesn't let anything bother him unless it's anything personal or something major.



Smokestar is a large, hefty tom with crips amber eyes. He has a snowy white chest, with a few white splotches dotted across the back of his pelt. He has a suprisingly long tail that helps him keep a standard balance when battling, and has a rather slender but thick build. This tom is overall the average size and height of a normal cat, but he strangely was born to be deaf in one ear. He is noted to have a large, even head to his body with a narrow framed head, and a thick, broad muzzle with strong jaws that are supported by nicely shown cheekbones. He has short blue-gray whiskers, that can sometimes look white during the night. 
His legs are long in comparison to his body, and they fit his narrowed frame just like his tail. His base color of fur is a dark coal black, overrided by an undercoat of white. He has a small scar on his left shoulder, which is barely visible in comparison to the nick in his right ear. He has a soft dark gray nose, with his earskin being a dark mulberry pink. His earskin has barely any fur in the insides, and his eyes are a large, round, dull amber color, which darken near the very ends of the right sides. He has sharp claws, and healthy, bright white teeth.
Smokestar doesn't have much of an indimidating appearance, as he isn't out to intimidate anyone. He is relieved to know that cats don't shrink back in fear to him, but doesn't like to think that he's to soft or mushy. His irises are alightly almond shaped, and his pupils are a smoothe, gentle black. Smokestar's fur is medium in length, but at some points in time, it appears to be longer than it actually is. His fur is rarely ever tangeled, knotted, or messy, seeing that he cleans it about everyday. 


Smokestar is the type of cat who is very calm in dangerous, chaotic situations, which is a suprise to almost everyone including himself. He is usually seen taking part in Clan activities, mainly patrolling and watching the Warriors train their apprentices. He is very stoic, and rarely shows his emotions or impulses. If he disagrees with someone or something, he'll simply adress his feelings to the person who has given it. If he's in a depressive state, he would rather not tell anyone, and just acts like he's happy and shrugs his immense pain off. He also won't show any optimism if he's upset or angered, but he knows that cats sometimes figure out what's really going on since he's pretty much happy all the time. 
Smokestar works himself alot, but doesn't overwork himself. He is very loyal to his Clan, and knows when and what has it's limits. He often conceals his negative emotions, seeing that if you spill out your feelings to someone, you're weak. When he has been insulted, scolded, or jeered at, he often tends to shy away, putting on a fake happy smile to hide how much the words have actually affected him. Smokestar is very loving, and doesn't have one problem taking a hit for the one he treasures most. 
Smokestar tends to form strong bonds with the cats around him, and once he becomes your friend, he stays your friend no matter what you've gotton yourself into. He'll always stick by your side, and seems to get fairly attached to everyone he meets very easily. He sometimes overthinks things, and he hates when he does it too. He's also very outgoing, but sometimes, it's almost like his kithood self is coming right out of him. He enjoys kits, and would do anything for them. 
He can be indecisive at some points, but rarely ever shows this side of him. He works tirelessy for the ones he cares about, no matter how much they may ask him to do. He hates when cats are mad at him, but won't hate on them back for a simple disagreement or impulsive attitude. He also dislikes when he disappoints cats, which seems to happen more than often. Though he's a very lovable and handsome cat, she-cats tend to think he's odd and childish, but he's actually one of the best leader's a Clan could ever have. 
He doesn't like going to cats for advice, but will do it if it's really neccessary. He sees going to other cat's just shows a sign of another one of his weakness's, but knows that advice is always helpful once and awhile. He wants everyone in his Clan to be happy, but tends to try to hard that he hurts cats feelings. He appears to take things to seriously, which in some aspects, could be a good thing. Even though he may seem a little immature and childish at times, he is very bold and responsible, and would never let anyone escape from his sight.
Protective, brave, courageous, warmhearted, and quick thinking. He always plans ahead of time for fear of making a mistake he will regret. He would sacrifice his life for the Clan. When he's dealing with a naughty kit or a cat that has broken a rule, he is fair and does whatever he deems to be right. He's not too harsh nor too soft. And he doesn't pressure others to do things, he lets them do it at their own pace and level does not push them above and he works hard to be a strong and brave leader. He wants to do everything in his power for the safety and well-being of his Clan.


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Kithood and Adolescence

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Leader Info

  1. Patience - Drew
  2. Leadership - Vega
  3. Endurance - Sirius
  4. Pride - Alphonse
  5. Nobility - Galeflight
  6. Forgiveness - Russetfur
  7. Trust - Ives
  8. Responsibility - Reedshine
  9. Faith - Cyra


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Love Interests

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