The Rebellion

The Rebellion

The Rebellion, briefly known as the modern BloodClan, is a sadistic and inhospitable rogue group founded by Myra, a former ShadeClan warrior - whom was banished after attempting to force herself onto ShadeClan's founder, Sirius. After her banishment she gathered a group of cats both of Clan-hating rogues and Clan cats before she formed her group - officially naming it The Rebellion for their rebellious nature against the Clans.

The members pelt colors are a wide variety, the group, itself consisting off a huge number of prey - mainly fish, mice, voles, and birds. The territory of the group is the outer regions of the Clans territory known as the Outlands - a dark and desolate place where a fire took place several years ago. The group makes their home in a small gorge in the center of the desolate territory and are well known for being able to live rather well through its harsh and cruel conditions - mainly being the weather, predators, and diseases.

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Royal Family


Anastasia - dilute calico she-cat. RP'd by Mink

Other Royals






Cobalt - blue-gray tabby tom. RP'd by Mink
Connie - dusty brown and white tabby she-cat. RP'd by Mink
Aerowyn - pretty blue-gray and white tabby she-cat. RP'd by Mink

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