Oh, look, another blog post! So this one I'd like to state how the image naming should work on this wikia.
First up, life images. Preferably they should be or, depending on the image type. If they are a kit, or an apprentice character, the cat's name may be their future name. But you can always ask an admin to rename the image for you anyway. This system is really just there to keep it in tune with the charart naming system.
Now chararts. Here is a list of how each image should be named. Next to each one is the respective rank of said blank. Though some a pretty obvious anyway. Catname should be substituted for the character's current page name. As you can always ask an admin to rename said image for you. You can also name it the character's future name if applicable - in the case of a kit, apprentice, or name-changing ceremony.
If you don't follow this, you will be asked to re-upload your image or get an admin to rename it for you. Whatever is easier at the time.
File:Catname.kitten.png - Kitten character
File:Catname.juvenile.png - Juvenile character - Adult character
File:Catname.ancestor.png - StarClanner Unknown Resident who has lived a good life
File:Catname.dark.png - Dark Forester or Unknown Resident who has committed crimes

Cats that require alts simply follow this guide; File:Catname.age.alt.png. Alternate images are only warranted when some form of major injury occurs to the character. We do not do alternates for different pelt descriptions. As these are not official characters in any way, and can easily be mistaken in the heat of the roleplay.
I would also like to mention that if you do have a character that you would like to become a leader at any point; please ask an admin before naming said character's images prefix-star. As these should be checked with the current Clan's leader in case there are other plans in mind. As it is some form of common courtesy to let the roleplayer know that your character is to succeed theirs. So that it doesn't come as a surprise and ruin any future plot that might be in mind.
This is all for now, but I might have another blog post on the way. Explaining something else of course. As before, if anything is unclear, or you have a question, just comment below and I shall get back to you in due course.
Cheers, max my life is falling to pieces