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Okay so I am writing a story on Riverstar's backstory and a part of it is that four other cats were taken with her after they got captured by Kittypets. She would be the last one to be taken. And how this works is if you'd like your character to have been taken by these twolegs then comment their name and whether or not their alive currently. Okay so as long as Ferk is cool with it I was actually wondering if Murk could have been taken as well. I'm going to have a patrol go save them, this control consists of TBA.

Cats Taken
  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
  4. Murkfang
  5. Riverpaw
Cats that Aided in Rescue
  1. Whinchatstorm
  2. Leopard
  3. TBA
  4. TBA
  5. TBA
Note: They will not become Kittypets, it is similar to that of how the clan cats were forcefully taken in the series.

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