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  • Patchfeather14

    First things first, NightClan needs a MCA. Rockstorm the current medicine cat will be stepping down soon and blinded, then killed because he and Thistleleaf have a secret romance and kits. The apprentice will be Ravenstar's mate (since that's like part of the rules) Rockstorm probably won't have the chance to complete his training though since you know, he's gonna die. He and Raven will love each other, but I'm still debating on whether or not they'll have kits.

    Now that that's cleared up, my big idea.

    Well, it's not huge right now, but if I think about it and put stuff together for it, it could be cool. All right... so Ravenstar and her mate are assassinated and NightClan is leaderless and has no heir. (i'll get to the heir idea; if raven h…

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  • Patchfeather14

    Love Plots

    January 19, 2017 by Patchfeather14

    i guess that's what we're calling it.

    I had an idea that Lavenderfrost could have a friend, and he falls in love with her and he is so sure she feels the same, but when he starts asking her about having kits one day, she tells him otherwise. So he kinda goes Ashfur. But doesn't hate her I guess...? anyway, he now he just stalks her, and tries to make her love him by doing stupid things, and then he realizes thats not working then decides that attacking her is what any normal person would do. so yeah after that he most likely gets exiled. but he probably still stalks her and is plotting her death.

    But while that guys being crazy, Lavenderfrost is also open to a real mate. I picture him being like Gray Wing from DOTC, or maybe Skystar? anyway,…

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