so I haven't been active here yes I'm a slacker

But life's v busy for me; there's two weeks of testing coming up and that's heck stressful. Plus there's been a lot of anxiety stirring in me, which hasn't been very good.

None of this was caused by you guys. I've been stressed with testing and upset over my friendships with others.

Just know that it's not anyone's fault that I've been inactive. Mostly it's just been because life isn't pretty for me. It hasn't been, especially recently. There's been all this cruddy stuff aimed at me, which makes me really offended. But none of it was you guys' fault. I don't know why a bunch of that stuff has been said, but it hasn't made me feel great at all.

I'm sorry if I've missed things - please don't claim Jaspershade as your own without my permission, as she's still my character. Please inform me of anything I've missed since my last visit, and I'll try my best to be active here.

-- Stormver